jewel & Bubba Puppies

We require a deposit to hold any puppy of $150 through PayPal. Each puppy receives their first shot current on worming and a puppy pack! We offer free delivery from Kelso  WA to Williams CA. We can ship to other locations for $500 .

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

Jewel  is what we call one of our Bear dogs Her and her sister jasmine are Nanooks a mix of husky/samoyed/Keeshond which make them so sweet and great family pets any pups we have bred with our Bears have just the neatest personalities that is why we love them so much. Bubba  is a beautiful large Pomsky 35 pounds sweet loves to get hugs from me every morning and night good with our other dogs and has been a wonderful addition to us here and sometimes he throws his color , but not this time

*Photos of puppies are updated each week so you can watch your puppy grow!*


Anatoly male 1 week

anatoly male 2wks $1100

Anatoly male 3wks $1100

Belka male 1 week

Belka male 2wks $1250

Belka male 3wks $1250

Boris male 1 week

Boris male 2wks $1100

Boris male 3wks $1100

Mikhail male 1 week

Mikhail male 2wks $1100

Mikhail male 3wks $1100

Pasha male1 week

Pasha male 2wks $1250

Pasha male 3wks $1250

Raisa female 1 week

Raisa female 2wks $1250

Raisa female 3wks $1250


SOLD  Mandi CA


Sobabka male 1 week

Sobabka male 2wks $1250

Sobabka male 3wks $1250 (runt)