Shiba Inus are a relatively new dog breed in the U.S. though they have been prized for hundreds of years in their native Japan along with their bigger and brawnier (and somewhat better known) cousins the Akita.

Originally raised as hunting dogs, Shibas make excellent pets for individuals and families who want a big dog ‘attitude” and a “call of the wild” look like a husky or shepherd yet will fit comfortably on your car seat, couch, or bed with ample room left over for you.

Shibas are high energy dogs that can play hard with larger dogs or with you and your kids yet can also climb up on your lap and kiss you without you feeling the least overwhelmed or crushed. They are excellent jumpers and runners (but not barkers) and make wonderful agility dogs.

Shibas come in several colors and patterns but all share an outgoing and affectionate nature that says to the people in their lives, “lets go for it all the way and have fun while we’re doing it!!!!”

What Shibas Need:

  • A fenced area—they need a safe place to run and play in especially if you are not around to supervise them.  the fence should be stout and high because they are great jumpers and climbers and may also be very curious to visit your neighbors..
  • Toys to play with or better yet a family to play with to satisfy their high energy and need for company.
  • Company, properly introduced your Shiba will work and play well with other pets (including cats!!) and in fact will be much happier if there are other four-footed friends to be with if you are gone.
  • People who have the time and energy to live the Shiba lifestyle of attention, activity, and fun.

All our Shibas are raised as family members in our house on 10 acres and with our other cats and dogs so they get lots of room to romp and roam with socialization, stimulation, and above all love and attention so they are ready, willing, and able when the time comes to become a total part of your home and family

In addition to our pure bred babies we have mixes with several other breeds—Keeshonds, corgis, and “mini huskys”—to combine the Shiba’s distinctive looks and character with the best qualities of the other dogs.

Shibas are VERY smart and energetic dogs and for the right person and family they can be a match made in (Shiba) heaven please come into Shiba world take a look at both our babies and their parents pictures and see if puppies from Shiba country can (and should) be a part of your world.  enjoy and remember…

SHIBAS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!