Thank You for stopping by to see us here at Mini Husky Country in Oregon We are located in the coastal town of Bandon, Oregon Visit our new FB page Big n Lil huskies in Oregon. . If you have never been here it is worth the drive for our beautiful beaches. My husband and I  (George and Cheri) have been breeding our babies for over 22 years. We started with our Poms and Pom mixes , . After a few years we discovered the Shiba Inus, the beauty of the dogs is breath taking and so unique, just like us, lol! We found our first Shiba, Cali, she lived to over 15 but bone cancer got her. . We drove all the way to Los Angeles to get her and were amazed at the grace and how smart these dogs are, and we were hooked. Not long after we heard of the Mini Huskies or/and Klee Kais and took again a couple years to find our first, Jasper! Most have seen Jasper on our site and opening pages as our Spokes dog as he is just stunning and just the perfect gentleman, and they were the start of who we are now.
We have been working hard the last 15 years in our line of Klee Kai and Mini Huskies, and yes there is a difference . The Klee Kai is the start of the small husky craze and is the purebred name of these dogs. They go at the higher price end versus the Mini Husky which can be a combination of Klee Kai and for us either our Siberians, American Eskimo, Shiba Inu or yes our Pom for the PomKlee, instead of the Pomsky which involves the Male Pom and the Female Siberian Husky and is achieved through artificial insemination. We here at Klee Kai Lil’ Husky Connection believe in the old fashioned way, Lol!
Also through all of this we have been striving to have our space and area for our babies to have safe spots for our mommas to have room with their babies. We started with a 16′ X 20′ building and now we have approx. 3000 square feet devoted just to our dogs young and old. We are one of the few breeders that keep our retired dogs to live out their lives with us. We have rehomed a few but after careful screening as our dogs are in a safe controlled environment. We live at the end of a dirt road on 10 acres with no close neighbors so our dogs have no clue what is on the outside, so if someone has the time and good space we sometimes consider it on a trial basis.
Our babies are raised completely indoors, first in the Nursery than at 6 weeks they are in our living room to be with our big dogs and older ones to have home time so they will be good babies for you when you take one of our babies home!
We require each potential puppy parent to call and chat with us before putting a deposit down so we know our potential puppy parents know what is required to raise a Klee Kai or Mini Husky. After that we update every puppy parent with new photos each week, and upload videos to our Facebook page after week 4 so you can keep up watching your baby grow and change. We have puppies all over the US in Canada and one in Lituania.and the united kingdom and Netherlands.  Please feel free to call, text, or email us! We are always available to talk about our pups and as many of our puppy parents know I can chat up a storm talking about our babies!
We hope you take a few minutes to explore our site, and hope to chat with you when you are ready for a new addition to your family from ours here on the beautiful Oregon Coast!
Another Perk from us we do offer visits by appointment and for those that can not make the drive we do our FREE delivery as far North as Kelso WA and as far south as Williams CA .No one else does this for FREE. You can see more on our facebook page after 9 years and 3700 followers we had to start all over on Jan 25th 2023  with a new name we hope to get our old page back but it is Facebook so no clue  our page is Big n Lil huskies in Oregon
George and Cheri