We want you to have the opportunity to “get to know” the potential mommies & daddies of the babies who will become members of your family!

Rhett All 10 pounds of sass and attitude. he is a beautiful example of a toy mini husky his color is perfect he has a nice conformation and a great personality loving and friendly what more can you want from the daddy of your next puppy .
Jasper(RETIRED) Born April 1st 2008 (our April fools pup) Jasper is a big boy (about 36 pounds) He is part Shiba inu and part mini Husky. He is one of the founders of who we have become today he is still with us and is still such a gentleman his only vice is not likeing small male dogs , but he does like his house time and keeping me company when i sew my blankets and lays on the couch and watches tv
Dash: RETIRED) Born Oct 3rd 2010  Purebred UKC Alaskan Klee kai. He is just under 25 pounds and a sweet heart and a talker loves to talk and sit with Daddy on the couch
Kenji: Is  male Klee KaiX with beautiful coloring and a fun and friendly disposition. He’s a definite “daddy’s dog” and stations himself near the door when he leaves the room so he will be the first to greet my husband when he returns! And is the ultimate lap dog loves to be on daddy’s lap every chance he gets.
  Phoenix-such a pretty boy he is long legged and only about 16 pounds likes the cats and gets along with the smaller dogs and loves to run like crazy in his pen . He is not a escape artist and just as happy to lounge on the chair in his room. He just started being a stud dog in Dec of 2017 so hope for many little Phoenix babies in the future has brown eyes but can throw blue
Bubba-meet Bubba our Pomsky from Florida. born in  sept 2018. he is sweet and goofy gets along with most of the dogs somethimes wants to be a alpha learned to jump/climb fences in the late spring of 2020 so now we have prison fences to keep him where we want him but he is loving and still a gool ole boy
Ryder:Our special boy his mom is Maya and dad is Danger and has his moms build and personality a little shy and very skinny we call him like we use to call her a head with legs  . until he bulks out hopefully this next year he is under 15 pounds of cuteness and Georges little buddy , non alpha and just loves us afraid of everyone else as he was neglected in his first home so we took him back
Ivan- A large Pomsky we acquired him in April of 2020 was such a cute cream colored boy at 12 weeks of age look at him now. . He is around 40ish pounds and soft as silk and has a goofy disposition . He sired his first set of pups in Dec and born Feb 5th 2021 to luna . He is a member of our Maxi  Mini Huskies


Alexa: (RETIRED) just had major surgery for a tumor and a lympnode  Our  princess is a purebred Siberian Husky with banded grey “agouti ” markings and soulful deep blue eyes she is a easy going  gal and gets all her new canine family and really loves Cheri, her new “mom” following her everywhere she can and sleeping by her chair each night.
Inca: Meet Inca AKA Inka Dink, the mini coyote.. she’s the love child of Midori and Dash but she has her own very distinctive look and her own way to roll for sure, she’s a little Wiley Coyote svelte and swift hard to catch, but once you have her in hand affectionate and loving.her mom is a shiba and dad is a klee kai
Tina- such a unique Mini Husky she is the Daughter of Becca and Dash but such a girl about 20 pounds  half the size of her parents. she is a quiet girl a little shy, but smart and affectonate and very smart  but not a escape artist of digger just a sweet girl
Cassidy- Beautiful girl sweet natures around 35 pounds her mom is the mild mannered Keeshond Lulu and Dad is Phoenix the mini husky  she gets her temperament from her mom and her unique coloring from dad  not a mean bone in her body she likes to hang around inside  and loves to play with Jada  and Orca
Sparkle: Say hello to another of our white wonders…Sparkle the eskimo baby momma. This is Sparkleliscious  she has a unique personality  she can be very shy and reserved and be almost afraid of her own shadow and than very protective of her area when strangers are around she is not a alpha but is more of a family dog versus a everybody dog she loves us does not trust outsiders
Jewel born May 4th 2017 she is a beautifu Keeshond  husky mix we have her sister Jasmin and the girls or as we call them the Bears are such great sweet natured Non aggressive dogs will make great puppies and will be great  with families based on our  past based on our past “bear” They are our larger size pups as both sisters are close to 40 pounds but as gentle as a lamb
Luna: One of our Purebred Klee Kai is not only our newest mom dogs, but our first “boomerang baby”. She had originally been adopted out, but her new family couldn’t continue care and so two years later she came back to us and surprisingly our (re) adopted dog adapted well to all our other dogs, she had first known as a puppy, and was at home with everybody within a day or two. Luna is a bit of a daddy’s dog and keeps a sharp eye on him when he enters or leaves the living room and as soon as he sits down at the computer she is generally close by. She can be silly and playful and when she wants something will let loose with a weird little “woo woo, woo” call…which is why we call her “Luna the LUNAR dog”.
Anastasia aka Ana- Not the best photo to show her color she is a beautiful red and white. and is the daughter of Winnie and Bubba. she is sweet and gentle alittle crazy at times , but no aggression in her has her moms personality and is just a joy she is around 38 pounds and we just love this girl
Nadia, Is Luna’s daughter, she is sweet nonalpha easy going on the shy side so no aggression , but turns very brave when her mom is in the room with her, than she is a fearless girl. Has a strong attachment to her mom. but can be independent without her.
Winifred- RETIRED  (aka “winnie, , win win) . She is purebred Siberian Husky from Champion lines and has gorgeous rusty red markings, beautiful light green eyes and the most loving personality you could ever hope to find. She loves attention from her people and also enjoys cuddling and playing with the smaller dogs and puppies in our home.
Jada: Say hello to Jada the (almost) big bad wolf…well only at feeding time where she is “Hungry like the wolf” and try as they might, no piece of kibble can escape her!!! Actually, Jada is 3/4 Siberian Husky and 1/4 wolf and the wolf part dominated in her “call of the wild” appearance because she really does look like an economy sized timber wolf. OTOH, the Husky comes out in her personality which makes her very sweet and loving so when she is done attacking the supper dish she is eager for getting Mommy and Daddy kisses.
Stella: Such a unigue  klee kai X she has a small amount of pom in her Her mom is Abbey and dad is Dyson . so two very smart  parents . Will not find a smarter dog than Dyson . Stella is unique personality not too skiddish around people abut will bark when nervous but not a alpha like her momma is a great athlete can get over a 5 foot high gate from a standstill .
Emmie – Alaskan Klee kai with a little shiba. She is the daughter of Miso our first klee kai and Danger, She is a sweet petite little dog of about 15 pounds friendly and outgoing  and loves to hang out with the big and little dogs
Scarlett is a mini husky her breeding is klee kai /shiba  she is a 10 pound girl who thinks she is a great dane . has no fear of other dogs and is super smart . and just the perfect little one that small dog that  thinks she is bigger  and is friendly and not any of the typical shyness some mini s have
Orca:Our beautiful girl to carry on Allies legacy , her daddy is Dash, and she is smaller than both her parents at just around 18 pounds of sweetness and lots of energy. not a social as her mom but  not the Alpha her mom is but she is so sweet and can get along with big and small dogs but prefers being with the big ones
Dolce: Dolce is our 5th generation from our very first momma Cricket who was just the best Dolce has more of Crickets coat and look than any of her parents and grandparents, Dolce is sweet and gentle a little shy around the full group of dogs but good in her small group not a escape artist or digger, she is about 18 pounds like Cricket and hope for beautiful babies with her
Korky: Is one of our small mommas, her mom is Coco our crazy American Eskimo that loves to grin when you talk to her. But mom is sweet and so is Korky she loves to play with the bigger dogs as long as she is in the house.  She got her name as Coco always threw pups with shorter  legs and she had the big ears from Dads side and that nice color so hubby said she looked like a corgie so he said call her Korky and her she is

Mocha:Meet Mocha she was known as AKA Mocha the mud puppy she loves to play in the mud and dirt. Her mom is Jewel bear and Bubba she is Perfect her coloring keeps changing all the time and she is sweet and gentle around other dogs she is still a little leary of strangers so will sneak up behind them and sniff and backs off as soon as i tell her know not really anything bad to say about our bear puppies