I had my first dog for 16 1/2 years and I wasn’t really looking to get a new one, that is until I met Cheri & her beautiful pups! I had a lot of questions and Cheri was amazing and answered every one of my emails, phone calls, and even let me drive down from Portland to meet the pups before choosing one.

Every week she emailed pictured of my little guy & it created a great sense of anticipation and excitement for me until the actual day came to take Ash home! It was wonderful, Cheri provided me a bag with food, treats, toys, and lots of other goodies. It was above & beyond what I expected!

I am THRILLED with the wonderful little pooch I got from Cheri’s family & look forward to sending more people her way in the future! Thank you so much Cheri!!

Greg & Ash! (Portland, OR)



A friend knew I was looking for a corgi or a corgi mix and found Shiba Country so sent me a link to the puppies that were corgi mixes. Stubby(a Shiba Inu/Corgi mix) was one of 2 available . I fell in love the moment I saw him. I contacted Cheri and inquired about adopting him when he was old enough. She was very nice and communicated everything I would need to do clearly. I filed the application and sent in the very reasonable down payment (and a reasonable price total). My family and I received emails with photos and videos of him weekly while he was growing until it was time to adopt him. He was spoiled with love and so many dogs to play with. It was so sweet to get to watch him learn and grow! When it was time to pick him up, Cheri picked a location that was a good spot for all those who were picking up puppies. They were all very healthy puppies, all well taken care of. When I met to pick Stubby, Cheri had a care bag that she sent with him. There were some toys and a collar and some of the food he had been eating with her. He has been the best dog. He is just as cuddly now as he was as a puppy. He even taught himself how to be a service dog for my PTSD. Definitely very smart and loving dogs. Stubby has been an absolutely wonderful addition to the family. Stubby has been a wonderful part of our family for 5 years now.

Because Stubby has been a great dog/pet/friend, we decided that it was time to get a dog for one of my nieces who needed a dog of her own to love. Cheri was very helpful at finding a puppy that would be great for us of the ones she had available. She showed us some wonderful puppies and we chose Sakee (a japanese chin/mini Husky mix). Again we paid the very reasonable down payment(and reasonable total price). We received photos and videos of Sakee growing and playing. We met at the same great location we picked up Stubby. We brought Stubby to see Cheri and he remembered her! Sakee is now almost a year old and an absolutely wonderful addition to the family. And Stubby is teaching him how to help and be a service dog 🙂 Sakee is not taking well to some of it but he is also super intelligent and loving. Sakee is just as good as Stubby at knowing what people are feeling and what we need 🙂

Thank you so much for 2 wonderful dogs!!

Carla Stubby and Sakee



We got Tyr (aka Rio from Coco and Danger) in July of 2015.  We contacted Cherie via email and she called us back right away as it was evening, but past dinner time so she had a few minutes.  It was obvious right away that she really cares about her dogs and does her best to screen people so her dogs go to GOOD homes.  It was very important to her to know that we previously had dogs, that we had a vet, a fenced yard etc.  I could also tell by the way she talked about her dogs that she really loves her dogs and loves taking care of them.  It was also very nice to know that she keeps her retired dogs and make sure they have a loving home for the rest of their days.  All of the pictures of the dogs in her home and with her husband really tell the story of how well her dogs are treated – like they are family, not pets.  Once she had decided we would be good puppy parents, she sent us regular updates, photos and videos and let us know every time new ones were posted on Facebook.  She was always made time to answer questions we had and provided great updates about transportation and of course told us we were welcome to come see her place and her dogs any time.  Another good sign.  Tyr is an absolutely wonderful little guy.  He is very family oriented, very smart and very easy to train.  He loves his people and came to us well socialized with people and other dogs.  As a puppy he was fearless!  We are so happy with Tyr and so happy that we contacted Cherie.  He is a wonderful dog and we couldn’t be happier with him.  Everyone who meets him wants to know where we got him and we are always happy to refer people to Cherie.  We would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a healthy, happy and well loved puppy.  Not to mention cute as can be!
Danielle (Portland, OR)



Our family has been blessed not once but three times with puppies from Klee Kai/Lil’ Husky Connection!

We first got Tillman and he was such a wonderfully healthy and well tempered pup that when the husky itch came again (and it does come) we decided to get another from Cheri! Well, one potential owner fell through so we decided to get brother and sister Pua and Maui and we cannot be any happier!

Now these pups are just gorgeous and we have another husky who is full and most people think she is the mix! They are very husky with not the full size. Tillman is about 35 pounds at 2.5 years and the little ones are about 26 pounds at 5 months, so expecting them to be around 35 full grown. This compares to our full husky gal who is 60 pounds at 18 months.

Cheri has been wonderful throughout each experience. Weekly photos AND videos helps you bond with them and enjoy seeing their personalities while you wait for the eventual delivery day. On delivery day, you can just see the love these little ones have received and the care they have for them. And a awesome treat/toy bag to help them transition to their new fur-ever home.

The relationship has not ended there. When Pua was a little on the sick side in the first days, Cheri was quick to respond and provide insight and advice which immediately resolved the issues (I have learned well that pumpkin is fantastic for sensitive tummy ailments!)

We continue to follow and check in on the pictures of new litters and to compare these pups with their parents to see who takes after who, etc.

Overall our experience with Klee Kai/Lil’ Husky Connection has been nothing but positive and heartfelt. I give them my highest recommendation and although we have probably our maximum capacity for dogs I would not hesitate to get another one! We love our Lil’ Huskies!

The Millers, Salem, Oregon


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Mini Husky Country Oregon
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by Debby
Excellent Breeder & Puppies

When I first contacted Cheri about a dog, I was not even sure I wanted a puppy after the loss of my beloved 15 year old dog. She was very patient with me and answered all my questions in a timely manner. I liked that their dogs are their pets - it is evident in the videos that all the dogs are well cared for and very well loved. They give you weekly photo updates each week - which, when you pick your puppy at 2 weeks old like I did, is nice to help you build that bond and see your puppy grow. They also post regular videos of each litter so you can see them in action. It is sooo fun to watch!! I felt good knowing that my future baby was being given a great start in life from these loving, thoughtful, and knowledgeable people. The price was very reasonable and the free delivery was very convenient and a great perk. The genuine love and care Cheri and her hubby give to these babies is evident. My puppy was delivered with a bag that included a variety of toys, food to help them adjust to a new diet, a record of the shots, dewormer, and flea meds they have been given and when the next ones are needed, and my personal favorite item that, to me, shows clear thoughtfulness of the well being of these babies; a handmade blankie that has the mommy and siblings scent on them to help them adjust. I almost cried when I finally saw my puppy in person and got to hold her for the first time. She is just the most precious baby and she has adjusted so well, which I truly believe is largely due to the socialization and exposer to other dogs they get with the breeders. Could not have asked for a better Breeder. You can trust Cheri to give your babies the perfect start to their lives. It’s up to you to take it from there!

 by Autumn Gentry
I never knew I could love something so fluffy as much as I do!

I adopted Zero in April 2018. He was purchased as a puppy to train as my service animal... So far so good, He's a big part of the family and he loves each of us in his own ways. He loves his daytime naps with daddy and loves to play with our kiddo like they are just puppies playing and he treats me like his mommy, always looking for approval and loves. He has a great personality and loves to play. He's now just about 7 months old and almost completely potty trained, kennel trained (for bedtime and naps), and knows a variety of commands. I want to thank you guys for your awesome breeding and the love you guys put in to your puppies before they go home. Zero was Coal from Lulu and Dyson's final litter. He's my little fuzzy love and I couldn't be any happier to have him!

 by Alicia Hernandez
My 3 furbabies

Our family has been blessed with Cheri's amazing puppies! It all started last year, summer of 2017, when we decided to get a puppy. We were on the search for a mini husky and came across Mini Husky Country. What I really liked was that the website is very informative and there are photos of the puppies and their parents which have a small bio about their personalities. So we decided to give Mini Husky Country a call. I was a little nervous at first because I had never gotten a puppy that I had to put a deposit down for. Best decision I ever made and Cheri was awesome! The knowledge and communication with her was great with texts, emails, updates on how our puppy was doing, and always available to answer any questions that we had. We were so excited when the day finally came to pick up our pup. In July 2017 we got Apache (TicTac and Kenji baby). He was an itty bitty ball of fluff and a lot smaller than what we expected which was perfect because small is what we wanted. Apache has an amazing personality, is super smart, and the most loyal devoted pup we have weighing in a big 10 lbs now. We loved him sooo much that we contacted Cheri for puppy #2. August 2017, Cheri brought us our little itty bitty Katana (Inca and Kenji pup). She has a firecracker personality, is super sweet, smart, and weighs 7lbs full grown now. Everyone says she looks like a little fox. After Cheri brought us our 2 beautiful babies, we decided well "whats one more!" November 2017 Cheri brought us our 3rd furbaby. Onyx (Brooke and Kenji baby) who is our bigger boy weighing in at 15lbs. He looks like a baby wolf and has an awesome, very calm, old soul personality. Cheri has brought us the best healthy dogs we could ever ask for. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND anyone searching for a puppy to get one from Mini Husky Country. You will not be disappointed and you couldn't ask for a better caring and loving person (Cheri) to get a puppy from. We are so lucky to have found Mini Husky Country, met Cheri and to have our trio of furbabies! Thank you so much!

 by Grace Herrera

We got our puppy from Cherie a few months ago. He is a great addition to our family. He is a great puppy and has given me so much unconditional love. He is very smart. He loves playing to other dogs. He is terrific with our cats. He is working toward becoming a therapy dog and has already helped some of my special needs students do reading and math.

Cherie really cares about her pup pup pups and it shows. It was obvious that he was well taken cared of and loved while he was with her. He loves to snuggle and sleep on me. Since he is just 6 pounds at 4 1/2 months, he is small enough to sleep on my chest. He always has a loving smile on his face.

It is so nice to know that Cherie is just a text message away if I have any questions or advice. She really cares about her puppies even after they leave her care. It feels like we are now part of her family.

I am so grateful to have found Mini Husky Country! Thank you, Cherie, for our little Chance! He has given me unconditional love and many hours of extreme happiness.

I would highly recommend getting a puppy from Cherie.