Welcome to our Puppy Page! Click on the parent’s Name to view their available puppies! 

Each puppy receives their first  shot  current on worming and a puppy pack! We offer free delivery from Kelso WA  to Williams CA. W. Our prices on our puppies can range from $1100-$1600 based on size, color, & markings. Please contact us with any questions you may have dogs181@gmail.com text 541-260-3029!


​                                             Babies available from   Becca, Inca, Jada, Korky 



      Becca and Bubba puppies born june 21st  

                             5 puppies 3 boys 2 girls 




       Sparkle and Rhett puppies Born June 10th 

                                       All spoken for

       Jada and Ivan puppies born July 4th

                             9 babies 6 boys 3 girls  



          Inca and Dyson Born June 27th  

                                 1 boy available



             Korky & Rhett Puppies born July  5th  

                                  3 boys available           


            Orca & Phoenix  Born July 2nd   

                           All spoken for



                    MisFit Puppies    

puppies that are the last of different litters still available

                  ALL Have Homes


       Jewel & Bubba puppies Born may 23rd                                               all spoken for



   Stella and Rhett puppies born Sept  5th

                             All spoken for


            Maize and Kenji puppies born Oct 7

                                         ALL Spoken for


     Tasha and Bubba Puppies born sept 12th

                             All Spoken for


                  and Bubba puppies 

                                          All SOld








                   and Bubba puppies

                                    All SOLD