Welcome to our Puppy Page! Click on the parent’s Name to view their available puppies! 

Each puppy receives their first  shot  current on worming and a puppy pack! We offer free delivery from Olympia WA  to Williams CA. We can ship to other locations for $415. Please contact us with any questions you may have!


​                                All puppies have new families new puppies arriving  in August                                 

    Savanna and Danger puppies born june 5th 

                              All SOLD





   jada and Bubba puppies  born May 14th 

                                        all spoken for 

  Cassidy and Bubba  puppies Born May 26 th 

                          ALL SOLD

        Brooke  and Kenji Puppies Born April 19th

                               ALL SOLD




     Maya & Danger  Puppies born june 6th 

                                   all sold

5 puppies available


           Inca & Ryder puppies   born april 29th   

                               all sold



                    MisFit Puppies    

puppies that are the last of different litters still available

                  ALL Have Homes


       Orca & Dyson puppies Born May 3rd 

                                           All sold


                Willow and Phoenix puppies



            luna and bubba puppies born June 6

                                          all sold


               Tasha and Danger Puppies

                                   ALL SOLD


                 Bella and Bubba puppies 

                                          All SOld








                  Jewel and Bubba puppies

                                    All SOLD