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Each puppy receives their first  shot  current on worming and a puppy pack! We offer  delivery from Kelso WA  to Williams CA. W. depending on location and how many pups there maybe a fee of $100 for delivery for gas. Our prices on our puppies can range from $700-$1600 based on size, color, & markings. Please contact us with any questions you may have dogs181@gmail.com text 541-260-3029!


                                         Babies available :   New pups in mid to late march to be born

New pricing on the last of the litter puppies we have, we will be lowering prices but in different levels one with our standard delivery where we will not drive as far as gas is insane and these prices will be lower, Prices with us driving our normal route as far as kelso WA and as far as Williams CA prices will be as posted , and Lower price if you pick up puppy here in Bandon so look or ask for the new pricing we have  our new range for delivery on these pups is to Wilsonville OR and Weed CA  so no further than 4 hour drive for us.  





      Nadia and Jet puppies Born Dec 24th

                                All Spoken FOr


        Scarlett and Ryder puppies  Born Nov 20th   


                                    all spoken for

     Bianca and Phoenix puppies born Sept 22    

                                     All spoken for



         Orca and Ivan puppies born Sept 29 

                                    All Spoken for




       Korky & Rhett Puppies born March 24                                                


             Scarlett & Ryder  Born March 27th  





                    MisFit Puppies    

   puppies that are the last of different litters still available

                                  No Current Misfits  




                 Orca & Ryder puppies                                               



                 Stella and Kai puppies



             and Kai puppies born Dec 21st



              Tasha and Bubba Puppies



                  and Bubba puppies 









                   and Bubba puppies

                                    All SOLD