There are several reasons we offer various mixes/combinations involving the Alaskan Klee Kai (aka “Mini Husky”) and other breeds (Shiba Inu, Eskimo, Keeshond, and Siberian Husky).

Perhaps most importantly, we feel that too many of the purebred Alaskan Klee Kais, while possessing the typical husky coloring, do NOT have the typical robust build. They often appear rather slender and frankly kind of skinny beautiful in their own right but different from the mental picture of rugged strength many folks would associate with the word “husky” mini or other wise.  By breeding with compatible breeds within the related general “northern spitz’ type dog group we believe we can add some extra muscle and general “heft” in to the resulting puppies that indeed better capture the appearance of a “true” husky while largely retaining the other good points (coloring, and small size ) of the mini husky type.

Secondly, we also think that bringing the genetics of a famously healthy and robust dog like the shiba inu or the gently friendly personality and strong body of a keeshond into our babies will potentially help avoid the known health problems of a “purebred” dogs. Thru hybrid vigor again yielding a dog with the most of “the look” and less of the problems of the standard breed.
Finally, we believe that our designer “Huski/Inu’s” and “Husky Klees” and similar dogs can deliver healthy attractive, puppies fro a very reasonable price compared to a “purebred” that delivers, most of the unique qualities that make the Alaskan Klee Kai/Mini Husky dogs so attractive and interesting along WITH their very own special qualities of general health and robust appearance that will make them happy, healthy, and very beautiful members of your family.
Our ultimate goal is not to provide gorgeous specimens for the show ring at the annual dog show, but instead provide healthy, handsome and reasonably priced dogs you will be proud to show off in your home every day all their lives…truly affordable excellence.